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At IdealRatings, we specialize in working with investors who want to align their values with their investment goals. Keeping pace with the significant growth and evolution of responsible investing, we have been enhancing and expanding our tools and services for values-based investors since 2006. Our solutions are utilized by a diverse range of clients worldwide, including institutional investors, asset managers, index providers, brokerage firms and individual investors.

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We provide flexible solutions that enable the incorporation of values-based considerations into the investment analysis and decision making processes. Recognizing that there are numerous methods and interpretations of responsible investing, our tools allow for either standardized or customized ESG, socially responsible and faith-based screens.

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IdealRatings offers a complete set of solutions for the entire Shariah-compliant investment fund management process. From fund launch to compliance to purification, our state-of-the art technology, along with our hands-on approach to client service, ensure that investment managers can maintain their focus on generating alpha.

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IdealRatings provides both standardized and customized responsible investing and ESG research, rating and screening services. Our comprehensive, global database of over 40,000 companies can be accessed with our intuitive, flexible web-based tool or via files distributed directly to you through FTP.

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