Islamic Finance Solutions

Islamic Finance Solutions


IdealRatings web-based asset management service offers to major financial institutions a complete solution for the entire Shariah fund management operation, that empowers professionals to launch and manage their Shariah compliant funds and help them generate the highest alpha available through a very tight compliance and Shariah purification process. IdealRatings asset management solutions covers a universe of 40,000+ equities, 3000+ Sukuk and 850+ REITs globally, where the Shariah compliant screening process could be customized as per the required guidelines for each organization.

IdealRatings services have been reviewed and approved by several Shariah scholars and advisors globally as the services are designed to support in making investment decisions by screening and managing the compliance cycle for Shariah compliant products, such as equities, funds, REITs, Sukuk and indexes. The subscription-based service enables users to access a comprehensive range of data and functionalities deriving directly from our research-based screening process. The fast-growing service combines an intuitive interface and powerful search capabilities with in-depth, timely and comprehensive coverage. The service delivers up-to-date data and analysis on publicly listed securities for financial professionals.

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Key Benefits & Features

Build Investor Trust

Build Investor trust by systematizing the compliance processes to reduce funds and compliance risks of managed accounts.

Boost Performance

Boost performance of Shariah compliant funds through real-time awareness of key top performing sectors and indexes performance metrics.

Optimize Capital Gains

Optimize capital gains of each fund’s planning through continuous monitoring of your fund purification process.

Rapid Demonstrable ROI

Rapid demonstrable ROI by minimizing the cost associated with compliance monitoring requirements and eliminating manual overheads.

Complete Visibility

Complete visibility into the global investable universe by covering 160+ countries and 40,000+ equities.

Secure State of the Art technology

Secure state of the art technology minimizes operational cost and eliminates implementation risks.

Identified Source of Revenue

Identified source of revenue for non-permissible activities and Shariah compliant capital structures, which increases compliance credibility through company-based research rather than sector-based screening.

Cost Effective Solution

Cost effective solution to manage multiple investments mandates, compliance audit reports, purification and Zakat.






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