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Equity Screening

IdealRatings developed a unique research methodology to accurately analyze companies’ business activities and revenue breakdown, by manual research; IdealRatings research team analyzes companies to identify more than 40 unique categories Shariah guidelines in addition to financial ratios of Shariah non-compliant activities that cover most of the global pertinent guidelines in addition to financial ratios. 
IdealRatings empowers Shariah compliant fund managers with an intuitive screening platform that enables them to identify their investable universe based on their own customized ethical, Shariah and investment guidelines by determining which business activities and revenue streams are Shariah non-compliant as per each investment portfolio parameters.

Unique Research Methodology

Research-based intensive analysis has been developed over the years through the companies’ reports, websites, corporate actions and all possible credible sources, collecting all information relevant to the company’s adherence to the different guidelines.


Custom Screening Guidelines

Custom screening against faith-based aspects. IdealRatings broke down the income generated into 40+ unique revenue streams to identify non -permissible activities as per the required parameters.


Manage Multiple Mandates

IdealRatings enables financial institutions to serve different investors requirements through a single platform with the highest level of customization in the market and largest investable universe that facilitates alpha generation.


Business Screening Most Common Categories


IdealRatings has developed a one of a kind Shariah/Islamic purification engine to ensure that fund managers are able to accurately purify their funds and portfolios more frequently (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc…) and to take the required course of action regarding the non-compliant holdings in coordination with their Shariah-board. Due to IdealRatings inimitable research methodology an exact purification value can be calculated, which would have an outstanding impact on the funds returns.





Islamic Investor App

Islamic Investor app for individual investors is the only mobile application that tells if a stock is Shariah compliant or not based on the most widely accepted screening guidelines in the industry (AAOIFI). It also gives further details to sophisticated users on the reasons behind the compliance status and whether the financial screening ratios or the non-permissible income ratio is behind the final screening results. The Islamic Investor application enabled a recently launched function to calculate the overall purification value for individual portfolios with direct links to pay it out to charity organization directly. IdealRatings Islamic Investor app registered user will be granted compliance access to their local market free of charge.


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