ESG & Responsible Investment Solution

ESG & Responsible Investment Solutions


IdealRatings Inc. empowers capital markets’ stakeholders with unique and accurate screening solutions that offer comprehensive insights of company’s adherence to Responsible Investment parameters. Covering 40K+ companies globally, users have access to more than 10Mn data entries. IdealRatings offers an array of screening processes, from Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) qualitative and quantitative data sets to revenue segmentation, business involvement flags, UN Global Compact Principles, and countries of concern. IdealRatings’ users can integrate their own investment guidelines to screen out irrelevant stocks from the investable universe.

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Key Benefits & Features

Fully Customizable

Ability to customize the guidelines by selecting from 500+ Responsible Investment parameters to facilitate managing multiple investment mandates.


Thematic Mix

Applying different investment philosophies with screening processes that include: ESG inclusion, Negative Screening, Norms-based Screening, and Positive Screening.


Interactive Databases

All IdealRatings solutions have query tools embedded to the databases to allow the client users to interact with the databases for their analytical and qualitative work and reporting.  


High Quality Research

A high quality, independent market research of all listed/private companies and bonds with granular attention to the corporate information and the balance sheet data.

Hybrid Algorithm

Harnessing the use of the market leading technologies and databases to encapsulate the listed equities and bonds.  


Global Support Capability

With customer satisfaction set as our top goals, we provide exceptional support services through our Customer Success Unit. 


Optimize Capital Gains

Continuous monitoring of high-risk instruments along with enlarging the investable universe for alpha generation.


Rapid ROI

Minimizing the cost associated with supervision monitoring requirements and eliminating manual overheads.

“Returns are no longer compromised for sustainability”