Business Involvement Data Set

Business Involvement Data Set

This dataset has the following underlying sub-datasets:

Controversial Involvement

Identifies companies involved in controversial activities that have a negative impact on the environment and/or society with an involved/not involved flag. For certain business activities, revenue screening is available through which the user can specify their own tolerance (i.e., no more than 10% of annual revenue).

Controversial Activities-Most Common Categories

Business Involvement Data Set IdealRatings


Countries of Concern Screening

Identifies companies that operate in countries that are of concern to certain investors due to international controversies, global sanctions, and/or other issues. This includes having a headquarter and/or a subsidiary or selling its products/services there. Accordingly, companies involved in such countries can be removed from users’ portfolios. Examples for the sources used to identify these countries:

Business Involvement Data Set IdealRatings

Positive Flags

Companies engaged in activities that have a decent impact on the environment and/or society. Positive Flags have been segregated into:

Green Revenue

Companies engaged in activities, generating income, benefiting the environment. This includes clean energy generation, renewable energy generation, clean raw materials, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, environmental protection, water infrastructure.

Renewable Energy

Companies involved in generation/production and/or selling of renewable energy with all its types. With the prominence of the climate related issues, especially ones aiming towards reduction of emissions and attaining net/zero emissions targets a separate flag has been set for this specific type of Green Revenue.

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