The Falah Russell-IdealRatings US Large Cap ETF – Symbol FIA

The Falah Russell-IdealRatings US Large Cap ETF – Symbol FIA
The Falah Russell-IdealRatings US Large Cap ETF is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and can be purchased through your international or local broker

Falah Capital’s Falah Russell-IdealRatings US Large Cap ETF is a sharia-compliant index-linked ETF listed on a US exchange.  The fund seeks to track the Russell-IdealRatings Islamic US Large Cap Index, which is a sharia-compliant version of the well-known Russell 1000 Index, the ETF offers investors access to 443 US large cap companies held within the index that meet strict sharia investment guidelines.

Performance as of 9/30/2014
Annualized ReturnsYTD1 Yr.3 Yr.5 Yr.
Russell-IdealRatings Islamic US LC Index9.55%21.01%22.03%15.26%
Russell 1000 Index7.97%19.01%23.23%15.90%
Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Index performance is not illustrative of fund performance. One cannot directly invest in an index. Please call +1 206-633-6668 for fund performance, once available. The Falah Russell-IdealRatings U.S. Large Cap ETF is new and has limited performance history.

Compare the Russell-IdealRatings US Large Cap Index against the Russell 1000 Index and the S&P 500 Index over the time periods you select.

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Potential Key Benefits

  • A total annual expense ratio of 0.70%.
  • Screened for compliance using IdealRatings’ hybrid research methodology.
    IdealRatings screens the index quarterly.  This seeks to ensure the inclusion of eligible, compliant companies and the exclusion of non-compliant stocks.
  • Objective, comprehensive and transparent.
    The index is constructed using a transparent, rules-based methodology, which reflects the actual market – seeking to maximizing diversification among US large cap.

Respected Partners:

  • Russell Investments has been providing and distributing global equity market indexes since 1984.  As of December 31st, 2013 Russell captured 73% of the market share for all U.S. institutional equity products reporting a benchmark. And globally there is $5.2 trillion total assets benchmarked against their indexes. Their indexes cover 80 markets worldwide and capture 98% of investable global equities.
  • IdealRatings screens the companies in the Russell Index for sharia-compliance.  Index providers and financial institutions in 20 countries rely on IdealRatings, for sharia screening, purification, fund and index management services.
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