Yasaar partners with IdealRatings for Sharia index universe screening

Yasaar partners with IdealRatings for Sharia index universe screening

IdealRatings service empowers and enables Yasaar to provide top quality investment universe

San Francisco, USA-London, United Kingdom, April 5th, 2011 Yasaar, a top leading global Sharia Advisor today announced that it has partnered with IdealRatings Inc., a global Sharia compliant fund management service provider to take full advantage of IdealRatings’ universe screening and Sharia compliant fund management service.

Yasaar needed to ensure that it can continually provide top quality service for its clients and needed a robust, fully integrated Shari’ah compliant fund management and screening service to streamline its delivery to its clients and turned to IdealRatings for its integrated Sharia funds service capabilities.

IdealRatings enable portfolio managers to maximize Alpha through a detailed Sharia compliant universe research. “Our relationship with IdealRatings has been very successful, we can confidently use IdealRatings service to serve our clients since we’re very familiar and comfortable with IdealRatings’ research methodology, processes, and resulting quality, we systematically audit the universe and are comfortable with the results” said Majid Dawood, CEO of Yasaar. “We’re very pleased with the consistency, timeliness, and self service model that IdealRatings has built, we have a demanding customer base, and we must ensure the highest quality information for our customers”

“We’re proud to be the provider of choice for such a distinguished institution and a trusted advisor, which has been providing Sharia Advisory services in the industry for more than a decade.” said Mohamed Donia, CEO of IdealRatings.


About Yasaar.

Yasaar Limited is an independent firm based in Dubai and London and is not affiliated to any financial institution or investment organisation. It offers Shariah compliance services and consultancy to the various global financial institutions. Our Shariah principals are fully bi-lingual in Arabic and in English, and their Shariah credentials are second to none. We add value to our clients by providing timely, cost efficient, professional and reliable services For more information, please visit; www.Yasaar.org

About IdealRatings.

IdealRatings is a service for financial institutions to drive Alpha generation by identifying Shari’ah compliant instruments globally and managing the overall Shari’ah fund management process. IdealRatings is geared for portfolio managers and analysts who need an enterprise-wide view to better manage and operate their Shari’ah compliant funds. IdealRatings, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, please visit; www.IdealRatings.com.

For further information about Yasaar;

Majid Dawood
Yasaar Limited
P.O. Box 211855, Dubai, U.A.E.
Email: info@yasaar.org

For further information about IdealRatings;

Mr. Magdy Eissa
IdealRatings Inc
425 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
email: meissa@idealratings.com