Khalijia Invest selects IdealRatings for all Shari’ah funds universe screening

San Francscio and Riyadh, February 14, 2010: Khalijia Invest, a leading global Shari’ah compliant investment firm chaired by HH Prince Sultan Bin Mohammad bin Saud Al Kabeer and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), today announced that it has selected IdealRatings Inc., a global Shari’ah compliant fund management service provider to take full advantage of IdealRatings’ universe screening and Shari’ah compliant fund management service.

Khalijia Invest needed a robust, fully integrated Shari’ah compliant fund management service to streamline it Shari’ah funds investment process and analysis, and turned to IdealRatings for its integrated Shari’ah funds service capabilities.

IdealRatings enable portfolio managers to maximize Alpha through a detailed Shari’ah compliant universe research for more than 40,000+ equities in 100+ countries, which results in more than 12,000 + compliant equities.

Dhafer Salih Alqahtani, EVP & Deputy CEO of Khalijia Invest, asserted, “IdealRatings increase our efficiency and empower our portfolio managers to concentrate on generating more Alpha for our Investors.”

“Having a complete Shari’ah fund management service capability is increasingly essential in today’s investment process,” said Dhafer Salih Alqahtani, EVP & Deputy CEO of Khalijia Invest. “IdealRatings offers the best of breed service for Shari’ah compliant funds, which really helps the portfolio managers to maximize returns for investors by getting access to the largest available Shari’ah compliant universe with a complete understanding of the purification implications before making an investment.”

“As Shari’ah compliant fund managers demands more services to maximize Alpha, we have developed a state of the art online service to meet such demands,” said Mohamed Donia, CEO of IdealRatings. “Khalijia Invest has a veteran and talented team who have been managing Shari’ah compliant funds for decades. We are proud to meet the expectations of such team.”

About Khalijia Invest: Khalijia Invest is a Saudi Closed Joint Stock Company with authorized capital of SR400m based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Khalijia Invest is an Islamic investment firm chaired by HH Prince Sultan Bin Mohammad bin Saud Al Kabeer and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA). Khalijia Invest’s shareholders are leading Saudi Conglomerate Business Houses, as well as leading Kuwaiti financial institutions i.e. the National Investments Company of Kuwait (NIC), Gulf Bank of Kuwait, and managed by a team of prominent, experienced bankers. Khalijia Invest offerings are array of Islamic investment products, funds and wealth management services, beside corporate finance and investment banking activities under the management of well-experienced team please visit;

About IdealRatings: IdealRatings is a service for financial institutions to drive Alpha generation by identifying Shari’ah compliant instruments globally and managing the overall Shari’ah fund management process. IdealRatings is geared for portfolio managers and analysts who need an enterprise-wide view to better manage and operate their Shari’ah compliant funds. IdealRatings, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, please visit

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