Brokerage Solutions

IdealRatings offers Institutional Brokerage a suite of data and services that add great value to their brokerage solutions. Such data and engine features can be either white labeled or explicitly powered by IdealRatings. Further, the data set is fully customizable, where every institution selectively creates the set of data and features appealing to their individual clients, and can further develop and add their custom data gadgets onto the platform. IdealRatings services are designed to have multiple delivery options, ranging from full integration, Data-feed to plug-n-play. Data offered include, Daily Market Technical analysis and stock recommendation in 15 markets worldwide, Stock Screening, Stock purification, Peer Stock analysis, Market performance Indicators and Market Highlights. ever

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Boost Performance

Boost Performance

With Premium Daily Market Technical Analysis and Stock recommendations in 15 Markets with average 80% success rate.

Build Investors’ Trust

Build Investors’ Trust

By using the most accurate and credible stock screening data while achieving capital gains and minimizing risk.

Optimize Capital Gains

Optimize Capital Gains

Explore, screen and select the investment most suitable to your portfolio with the least cost and effort.

IdealRatings Brokerage

An intuitive solution designed to meet the needs of individual stock market investors by providing the ultimate set of information crucial for investment decisions. Through the platform, investors are available to the look up opportunities that match their financial and screening mandates. Investors also view the daily technical recommendations, Market statistics and performance indicators, in addition to Top market news and custom stock Shariah screening and purification. The solution serves as a integration solution for brokerage houses that opt to provide such premium information to their clients.




Multiple Delivery Systems

White-Labeled Online Portal

Data Feed

Integrate With The Optimum Solution


Screening and Purification

Instantly screen the global equity universe of 40,000+ against your institutionally approved responsible and faith-based (Shariah compliant) guidelines, and monitor your portfolio compliance by revising the change in compliance statuses as often as every financial release and purify any non-permissible income



Flexible Integration Plans

IdealRatings brokerage solution comes in flexible integration scenarios. The solution is intuitively designed to be integrated as a white label solution, a data feed or a standalone IdealRatings product, web-accessed from any location.




The solution offers its institutional users full flexibility in customizing almost all features and data gadgets as a selectively “ON-OFF” features. Users are also able to customize their own Shariah rulebook, or import their institutionally approved rulebook. Further, the solution auto-generated market daily report can be also customized to fit the institutional corporate theme.


Technical Analysis

Daily Market and stock technical analysis, with success rates above 80% , covering 15 International Markets across the Globe.



Market News and IPOs

Get full insight on the local and international market trends, outlook and top news. Well along with up-coming IPOs and Gold and Oil Markets updates.