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We believe in Ethical, Value-based investing, and the synergy yielded in combining Investment with social responsibility.
Our solutions are used by world class institutional investors, family offices and individuals everyday across the globe to screen global capital markets instruments for investments most suitable to their beliefs and values.

Our Solutions

We provide solutions for Ethical, ESG, and Islamic Finance investors. The intuitive web-based solutions cater to the various needs of asset managers and empowers them with a global investment universe screened against market standards and their custom guidelines applied on different asset classes whether it is equities, Fixed Income, REITs or an index. IdealRatings has steered the  industry through several innovative financial solutions that have, over a decade, reshaped the Ethical, SRI, Islamic Asset Management practice across the globe.

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IdealRatings Equity Solutions

IdealRatings has developed a number of solutions to cater to the different needs of Asset managers across the globe.


IdealRatings Sukuk Solution

The first ever and only solution to have a Screening analysis and engine which allows investors to instantly screen Sukuk against multiple rulebooks. The solution has been approved by prominent Scholars and boards across the globe.


IdealRatings Brokerage Solutions

IdealRatings Brokerage intuitive solutions covers a global universe and are embedded with a through set of Market Indicators, Statistics, News, Screening filters and features that ultimately enables investors to boost capital gains while adhering to compliance measures.


IdealRatings Retail Solution

Catering to the needs of individual stock market investors. The bilingual web-based solution offers its users a comprehensive coverage of stock markets performance, statistics and indicators along with a through daily technical analysis by an expert team of analysts.


IdealRatings Co-Branded Indexes

IdealRatings has partnered with the top index providers across the globe to develop a comprehensive family of Shariah indexes that cater to the different segmentations and needs of the Islamic asset management practice

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