Rule Book Name: SRB-IdealRatings
Business To Avoid:
( Sum of (Conv. Non-Operating Interest Income (MR), Insurance (MR), Restaurants & Bars (MR), Tobacco (MR), Mortgage & Lease (MR), Real estate (MR), Cinema (MR), Alcohol (MR), Adult Entertainment (MR), Hotels (MR), Music (MR), Gambling (MR), Pork (MR), Conventional interest based banking (MR), Defense (MR)) / Total Income (MR) ) between 0% and 5%, within all industries, within all nations. [N/A will pass]
( Conv. Cash & Short Term Investment (MR) / TTM Market Cap ) < 30%. AND ( Conv. Debt (MR) / TTM Market Cap ) < 30%. AND ( Sum of (Cash & Equivalents (MR), Receivables net (MR)) / TTM Market Cap ) < 70%. AND Inactive Date equal to 'N/A'. Has Shariah Board: true Declare Shariah: true FailOver: true Purification Name: Dividend only Purification Purification Ratio 1: ( Sum of (Conv. Non-Operating Interest Income (MR), Hotels (MR), Gambling (MR), Tobacco (MR), Real estate (MR), Defense (MR), Cinema (MR), Restaurants & Bars (MR), Mortgage & Lease (MR), Adult Entertainment (MR), Music (MR), Conventional interest based banking (MR), Alcohol (MR), Pork (MR), Insurance (MR)) / Total Income (MR) ) White List: Black List: