Index Providers

Shariah compliant indexes are used as benchmarks to funds, and often, these indexes’ constituents are used as the investable universe for funds.

Wether you have a conventional index and want to create a Shariah compliant version of it to benefit from the growth opportunity of Islamic finance, or if you want to create a new index specifically for the Shariah market, IdealRatings can partner with your index team to support the preparation, launch, and reconstitution processes of the Shariah compliant version of your index to reduce your training requirements and time to market.

Join the market leading index providers who rely on IdealRatings to create and maintain Shariah compliant indexes.

Universe creation

Import your existing indices into IdealRatings’ software and immediately calculate the compliance status of their constituents, or select your index universe’s criteria using our powerful filtering engine to choose from 42,000+ equities in 106 countries, for ingestion in your index management platform.


Monitor index compliance at any frequency your board determines is appropriate. With IdealRatings, you’ll be able to generate daily compliance reports.


Deliver timely, accurate purification reports to your clients using IdealRatings’ purification reports, generated for any time period of your choice, eliminate human error, and improve your team’s efficiency.

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