IdealRatings currently covers a universe of 40,000+ equities in over 160 countries. Companies are intensively researched through their Annual reports, websites, corporate actions and all possible credible sources, which might have information relevant to the company’s adherence to the environment, society, and governance . The research process also screens against the UN Global Compact Principals, Sanctioned Nations and Sin-Stocks, in which IdealRatings has broken down the income into 35+ unique revenue streams in order to identify the Non -permissible income categories.

Users are able to customize their own mandate into the service by selecting the screening criteria under each category, ESG. Further they are also able to assign different weights and configure the scoring engine . To customize a rulebook/mandate, the users will select every criteria under the various screening segments as follows:

Environment Issues: Air emissions, waste management, climate change, pollution
Social Issues: Human rights, child labor, controversial weapons
Governance Issues: Reporting and transparency, business ethics, workforce diversity
Sanctioned Nations: companies involved in business with certain countries.
UN Global Compact Principles: companies that passed fully/partially the of UN requirements
Sin Stocks: companies generating revenue from certain business activities

IdealRatings Research team follows a unified methodology for researching a company with a tight review process, standard steps includes:

Data Gathering

through various internal and external data sources.


Full analysis of data compiled.


Company is reviewed by other team members to ensure highest level of accuracy.


checking final results against other market players.


The data is made available on the service for clients.