Portfolio/Company Analytical Report









Portfolio/Company Analytical Report

IdealRatings offers in-depth analytical reports covering Responsible Investment performance of companies, fund managers, and portfolios. 

* Types of Screening, KPIs, and/or inputs are subject to clients’ own mandates if they do not want to follow IdealRatings’ default guidelines.

Company Reports

Company Reports provide full ESG assessment of the corporation under investigation. The report starts with a company description of its products and services, website, ISIN, stock exchange and business segment. An industry analysis is written relative to the E, S & G drivers; highlighting the most and least important aspects (KPIs). An overall commentary of its ESG status is also provided, highlighting the key strength and weakness points, which is detailed in the rest of the report. The company’s E, S & G actual performance is then detailed moving among all industry relative KPIs. Based on this, recommendations are given throughout the analysis to better enhance its actual performance. Its E, S & G scores are compared to global, regional and market size benchmarks. The report also includes a section for norms-based screening; where the company is screened against international norms including UNGC and SDGs involvement. In addition to this, negative screening is also detailed about the company’s business involvement in controversial activities and countries of concerns. 

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Fund Managers Reports

Fund Managers Reports deliver a full picture of investment and/or fund managers Responsible Investment performance. The analysis is based on UNPRI guidelines and IdealRatings ESG standards. Starting with a brief description of the company; its services and covers, ISIN, stock exchange and website. The company’s actual performance is then detailed against four main KPIs: Policies & Guidelines, Responsible Investment Strategies, Reporting & Transparency, and Audit & Verification. Throughout this report, researches are trying to highlight the gaps that the company is missing and recommendations on what should be done to cover it. 

Portfolio Reports

Portfolios Reports provides detailed ESG analysis of a fund and/or portfolio based on its full constituents and their underlying performance. The initial section of the report highlights the key facts, moving to an overall commentary about the fund ESG’s performance. The fund’s weighted total score and the score of each pillar; E, S, and G are also emphasized. Further details about the fund’s top constituents, sector breakdown, and geographical breakdown are also mentioned with their relative ESG total scores. To visualize the fund’s overall status, a section has been added for a comparison between the fund’s financial performance vs. its non-financial performance. The fund’s constituents are also screened against international norms (UNGC and SDGs), which is highlighted in the report, and a separate section for negative screening of its underlying constituents is also available.

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