Launch a new Shariah Compliant Fund

  • We’ll work with your team from the pre launch stage, and throughout the life of the Shariah fund to insure that the Shariah compliance aspects of the business satisfy the requirements of your investors. And because IdealRatings supports an unlimited number of mandates and rulebooks, you can launch new funds with different rulebooks without increasing your operational costs, scale your AUM and leverage your Shariah investment professionals with no concerns over having to hire more compliance staff.
  • Identify a Shariah board: IdealRatings is approved and used by the most known scholars in the Islamic finance world, and our partners include some of the most reputable Shariah consulting firms; we can help you recruit a Shariah board that your investors know and trust.
  • Respond to investor due diligence: Instantly respond to your investors’ scrutiny on specific companies’ compliance, get instant analysis on any company, and if need be, our research team can deliver more detailed analysis.
  • Perform back testing on your conventional funds to track performance as if these funds where Shariah compliant funds. Your analysts can provide you with the performance back testing required by your investors, use IdealRatings to perform Shariah compliance back testing.