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IdealRatings® is the most trusted provider of accurate, and timely, Islamic Finance information. Our Shariah screening, purification, fund and index management services identify and manage Shariah compliant equities, funds and Sukuk globally. Most Islamic index providers, and financial institutions in 12 countries rely on IdealRatings to create and manage their Islamic products.



How can we help?

If your investment company has capital that is managed according to Shari’ah, or is planning on launching Shariah compliant funds, you’ve come to the right place!

IdealRatings has a compliance management and Shariah screening service that is approved by most renowned Shariah scholars and that could help you from the fund raising stage to the day to day management processes of your investment.



Is Al Marai Hybrid Perpetual Sukuk Compliant?


Do you know if Al Marai Hybrid Perpetual Sukuk is Compliant?

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