Exclusionary/Negative Screening

Exclusionary/Negative Screening

Screening is done on two main aspects based on clients’ mandate:

Business Involvement

Allows users to identify companies involved in specific business activities with a pass/fail flag. For certain business activities, a revenue screening is available through which the user can specify their own tolerance (i.e. no more than 10% of annual revenue). Using this negative screening, users can easily exclude companies, that do not meet their own mandates, from their portfolios. 

Controversial Activities-Most Common Categories


Countries of Concern Screening

Identifies companies that operate in countries that are of concern to certain investors due to international controversies, global sanctions, and/or other issues. This includes having a headquarter and/or a subsidiary or selling its products/services there. Accordingly, companies involved in such countries can be removed from users’ portfolios. Examples for the sources used to identify these countries:

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