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Responsible and ESG Asset Management Service

IdealRatings, Inc. is a world class provider of financial research and data. With its extensive experience in fund management and research, IdealRatings has developed a number of solutions to cater to the different needs of asset managers across the globe. IdealRatings launched its flagship product; Shariah compliant asset management services, which was a true breakthrough and has indeed taken the industry to the next level. In-line with the company’s vision in responsible and positive investing and the global increasing awareness of social responsibility and its favorable results, both economically and environmentally, IdealRatings has extended its coverage of financial research and analysis to include environmental, social and governance (ESG) screening, UN Global Compact Principals, Countries of Concern and Sin Stocks.

Ultimately, providing positive investors and ethical fund managers with the optimum screening solution to support their investment cycle.

Largest Investable Universe

Largest Investable Universe

Covering more than 40,000 equities in over 160 countries. IdealRatings provide the largest available investable universe in the market. Clients can integrate their own investment guidelines to screen out irrelevant stocks form the universe.

Unique Research Methodology

Unique Research Methodology

Research-based intensive analysis has been developed over the years through the companies’ reports, websites, corporate actions and all possible credible sources, collecting all information relevant to the company’s adherence to the different guidelines.

Custom Screening Guidelines

Custom Screening Guidelines

Custom screening against faith-based aspects, UN Global Compact Principals, Sanctioned Nations and Sin-Stocks. IdealRatings broke down the income generated into 35+ unique revenue streams to identify Non -permissible activities as per the required parameters.

Manage Multiple Mandates

Manage Multiple Mandates

IdealRatings will enable financial institutions to serve different investors requirements through a single platform with the highest level of customization in the market and largest investable universe that facilitates alpha generation.

The increasing awareness of Responsible Investing (RI) and its favorable results has created an immense need of comprehensive, in-depth research process and database, and in response to that need, IdealRatings Inc, with its extensive experience in financial research and screening, has developed an equity screening solution with a unique, accurate research methodology, that provides prospect investors with complete insight of a company’s adherence to guidelines, to the environment, to the society and corporate governance (ESG). Further, the research process also screens companies against the UN Global Compact Principals and Countries of Concern. Ultimately, providing prospect investors and ethical fund managers with the perfect set of information and sustainability analysis needed to define the right investment. IdealRatings asset management service offers to major financial institutions an ultimate solution for the entire responsible fund management operation. The solution helps asset managers generate the highest alpha though a very tight compliance process. Our asset management solution covers a universe of 40,000+ equities globally. Users are able to fully customize the screening process to reflect their own guidelines.

The web-based solution combines an intuitive interface with powerful search capabilities, in-depth, timely and comprehensive coverage. The service delivers up-to date data and analysis on the publicly listed securities for financial professionals.

ESG Countries of Concern

“Returns are no longer compromised for sustainability”

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Build Investor trust

Build Investor trust by systematizing the compliance processes to reduce funds and compliance risks of managed accounts.



Boost performance

Boost performance of compliant funds through real-time awareness of key top performing sectors and indexes performance metrics.



Optimize capital gains

Optimize capital gains of each fund’s planning through continuous monitoring of your fund.



Rapid demonstrable ROI

Rapid demonstrable ROI by minimizing the cost associated with compliance monitoring requirements and eliminating manual overheads.


Complete visibility

Complete visibility into the global investable universe by covering 160+ countries and 40,000+ equities.



Secure state of the art technology

Secure state of the art technology minimizes operational cost and eliminates implementation risks.



Identified source of revenue

Identified source of revenue for non-permissible activities and compliant capital structures, which increases compliance credibility through company based research rather than sector based screening.



Cost effective solution

Cost effective solution to manage multiple investments mandates, compliance audit reports.