IdealRatings’ wide range of solutions powered by a multi-stage research methodology and quality assurance processes applied through multiple teams of analysts, are our success identity. Our organization is fully dedicated to providing responsible and faith-based (Shariah compliant) solutions for Institutional and Individual investors, in a global context that matches the variant needs in an investment decision cycle. Our solutions have been consistently designed to exhibit maximum flexibility to investors in importing and customizing their investment guidelines, risk profile and universe along with the supplementary screens and filters by Shariah law, Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Through a decade, our solutions have helped world-class institutional investors enhance and empower their investment decisions and asset management process. We currently serve clients from over 25 countries, with billions of dollars’ worth of assets under management. Along with a round the clock operation support from our regional offices in Cairo, Riyadh and Singapore.


Islamic Finance Solutions

IdealRatings service offers to major financial institutions a complete solution for the entire Shariah fund management operation, that empowers professionals to launch and manage their Shariah compliant funds and help them generate the highest alpha available through a very tight compliance and purification process.


Responsible and ESG Solutions

IdealRatings has developed a number of solutions to cater to the different needs of Asset managers across the globe, empowering them with a broad range of screening and filtering capabilities that helps them find the perfect investment opportunities from a global universe of 40,000 equities.