IdealRatings, Inc. was established to serve the data needs of Institutional Investors. The Firm flagship product, Shariah compliant asset management service, was a true innovation and indeed reshaped the industry and the business practice. Well along and out of its extensive experience in financial solutions and its belief in Responsible investing, the firm has expanded its range of solutions to cover Index calculation, responsible screening, REITS, brokerage solutions as well as Sukuk screening and indexes. We are proud to have become a pioneer provider of Ethical and faith-based (Shariah Compliant) investments management solutions and gained the trust of top-tier financial Institutional in more than 25 countries.

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IdealRatings is managed by a group of experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences , together they bring in an extensive experience in the field of Asset management, Financial markets and research. Well along with advanced experience in Technology, Solutions Development and Integration.

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40,000+ Equities

500+ REITs

1000+ Sukuk

Clients in 6 different continents

With offices in USA, Europe,

Middle East and Asia